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Begin Within Counseling provides secure and private on-line counseling. Clients have the convenience to interact with their therapist on their terms in their own space via a secure HIPAA compliant network. Whether it be from the comfort of your home, a quick text from work or while on the road, on-line counseling offers a comfortable and time saving environment.

Counseling is a journey and admitting that you need help is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you will do. This is a journey that we will take together and that you will be an active participant in. Often we feel that activity and movement will help us to feel better, but underneath that unrest is a range of psychological processes such as depression, overwhelming stress, perfectionism, and anxiety. Choosing to ignore your issues tends to make life more difficult and places a strain on your relationships. Through our counseling relationship we will create goals, set the pace and find your path of healing.

My approach to treatment
Brainspotting is treatment that taps into the body’s innate ability to heal in order to reduce and eliminate the impact of unresolved trauma, negative beliefs, and emotional distress. When traumatic or deeply distressing events happen, the emotional “charge” or memory from that event becomes stored or trapped in our body. We’re often unaware that this has even occurred, but our wellness is altered as a result. It can cause problems on all levels – emotionally, mentally and physically. Brainspotting is designed to discover, dislodge and ultimately release trauma, essentially allowing a memory to be just that, a memory without the negative consequences.
Mindfulness is the awareness of what is going on in your mind, body and soul. This awareness gives us the power to act differently, express and fully accept our emotional state, which provides both relief and the opportunity to tap into positive feelings as well. You can’t feel joy without feeling the depths of your sorrow. Mindfulness is a fancy way of saying that we will experience what is going on in the moment in our body, our intellect and our emotions.
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Counseling is not usually described as fun or easy, but if you are ready to work hard you will find that things in your life become more fun and easier to manage. I look forward to working with you. Get Started